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October 2007

October 2007
: Beyond, La Taqueria, Go Tribe!, Gophers & Al Gore

Bubble Gum Apples

   They are impossibly sweet, yet tart. Great big orbs of impossibly juicy flesh that is firm yet yields to the teeth without being mealy or mushy. They are also called Sweet 16 and there is something essential about these apples and their realization of the joy of picking and eating. Shiny skin - even after you wash all the wax and whatever off them - that is a bright almost fuchsia red, flecked with patches of greenishness, they beckon the way Snow White’s Evil Queen Stepmother’s fruit did - but here, there is no poison, only pleasure. A true joy of the season.

Eat Pray Love Elizabeth Gilbert

There are times everything changes. You didn’t see it coming, don’t know how it happened - or even what it means. It usually includes pain and absolutely confusion. For GQ contributing writer Elizabeth Gilbert, it was the death of a marriage, a jagged love affair that was more pain than pleasure and the notion that one must learn to understand corporal and spiritual pleasure to attain a true sense of joy, peace, being.

So she took her writers sense and divided a year into thirds, decamping in Italy, India and Indonesia to embrace as the title suggests. This is a well-embroidered tale of a woman coming of age, into her own and settling the ripples of her past. With a gusto for food, a willingness to sublimate one’s desires in prayer and an emerging through the quiet balance of a Thai medicine man and his living in sensual, spiritual grace. To know that more is right where you are, be present - and you can open that gift in terms of understanding the commitment to moments that comes in the unfurling of this modest length read.

Dragon Parade Chinatown, San Francisco, CA

Silk bits on wire frames, streamers running through the wind behind them. It is a caterpillar of people in a line extending the dragon’s body behind, moving in concert, yet whipping the tale to and fro. Black cat firecrackers tossed to the ground, exploding and popping to signify the dragon’s breath and fury… And still it writhes on, winding down the hill out of Chinatown, down Grant Street and around the blocks.

It is one of those things easily labeled “kitsch,” “folkloric” or even “tourist-trappy,” and yet… As the crimsons and emeralds, deep sailor blues and lemon yellows bob and dart, rise and fall - with beautiful Oriental attired children threading some of the holes in between and regal looking elders riding in the back of top-down convertibles - the spectacle is its own reward. It is rich. It is vibrant. It is fairy tales on city streets for anyone to see.

“Take Me There” Rascal Flatts

Reminiscent of the slow, swaying hair metal lighter wavers gone organic, this is hardly what one would expect to hear as a defining moment on country radio - and yet it is the kind of ballad about reaching beyond what everyone knows to get to the places missed and overlooked that speaks to the true depths of what it means to love. These are the moments when one must know, needs, wants, has to… and too much is not enough, it is merely the beginning.

Gary Le Vox offers that wide open innocence that has made him the voice of young people finding their way without some kind of hustle. In the honest incandescence of simple yearning unfurling, what could be massive and overpowering becomes the gentlest coaxing to let go and get swept up.

Cleveland Indians To American League Championship

It has been since 1948 that Cleveland has won a World Series, and yet the little city that America sneers at maintains its heart, it’s drive, its faith season-after-season-after-season. It’s about the love of the game and the reality of engagement. But right now, it’s about the taste of something more: Game 4, Yankee Stadium, 6 runs and head down, they took on a major American baseball machine and persevered. Paul Byrd and his 5+ innings, maintained the momentum of the team—and carried it where no one ever believed possible.

For a place that is continually striving to get its place at the table, the Cleveland Indians just struck a blow for staying the course, keeping the faith and taking one’s rhythms for what they’re worth. Now onto the Red Sox - and perhaps the American League title!

“I Am Sam” DVD

Sean Penn as a retarded man, trying to raise his daughter - the then unknown Dakota Fanning. A system poised to protect the child, even at the expense of a father’s love. Michelle Pfeiffer as the overworked, big-billing attorney whose humanity has been consumed by the demands of her work load - her own child a refugee not from mental incapacitation, but stress.

To the jaundiced, it’s the best cast movie of the week ever made. For the tender-hearted, it is a broad embrace of the humanity that spills forth on something so easily overlooked - even the lawyer for the state raises issues that are valid, the social services counselor being shown her own lapse in parenting to create compassion in a world of absolutes. It is a complicated world; there are many rights, few complete wrongs… this opens up a fascinating perspective on just how gray it can be.

Gramercy Park New York

Being raised on The Secret Garden, the notion of a green and pretty place behind a locked gate appeals. There just below 21st and Lex, it sits. Gramercy Park: a tiny little place, immaculately groomed with a bevy of foliage and fountains and benches. It is a still place in a bustling city—and I have been known to stand at any of the gates, looking in and smiling at the placidity of it all.

Recently, though, I had access to a key. The pillowy emerald place with the perfectly maintained paths and manicured beds and thickly knotted bark on trees reaching high above and spreading their branches wide above me was mine. All I had to do was walk through the gates, take a seat and breathe. I took a friend with me - a mondo New Yorker of years and year, who’d also never been inside the hallowed walls of Gramercy Park—and we talked for hours about life and love, dreams and desires and what comes next. It was as magical as any afternoon in my entire life… and even if you’re never going to get inside, there’s a secret garden or refuge somewhere wherever you are, all you have to do is find it.

Joel Selvin

My friend Frank rues the loss of true characters from the business of country music, but as the revenues shrink, the skill levels slide and survival is about doing nothing, there is something more to consider. People who have heart and passion and knowledge. Joel Selvin, the reigning rock critic at The San Francisco Chronicle, isn’t just a fired up musico who was here for the Summer of Love - and knows every little ripple and nuance since.

More than just a great writer, though, who conveys the life and reasons for the music being what it is, he is a committed human being who knows where to go, what to eat, drink, get unwound. To see someone so fully alive and light up by life is to remember what makes music connect in the first place.

Read him at or

Hear him at where Handmade Radio comes to life with some of the most fascinating people in modern music.

Mazur Boots Coach

They are chocolate brown and rise the knee. Two buckles, high solid heel. They look like a shearling jacket only better. They are constructed as only Coach can. In a world of high fashion boots that work for a moment, then look like last season’s news, the Mazur boot is beyond time and trend. A sexy boot that will work hard, look hot and be the thing you reach for for years to come.

Viet Name Chicken Salad Rolls  Pei Wei

Maybe it’s the ginger/rice wine vinegar cabbage shreds… or the pickled cucumber. Perhaps it’s the lettuce, the carrots or the shredded white meat chicken. Could be the mint, strategically laced throughout. Or maybe it’s the red chili pepper and peanut sauce you can dot on the raw rice paper rolls that are burrito sized, but packed with only the freshest produce and protein.

Whatever it is, it’s above all addictive! Three days in a row, I have risen with my mouth watering for these humble little rolls with the curious mélange of spices and fresh vegetables. They are filling without slogging you up, light on the tongue, yet enough texture to keep you chewing happily. Ahhhh…

Great Big Boys in Frilly Girls’ Stores

Every now and then, one of the large strong men decides to be a little sweet. Sure, he’s a churlish, bulky, lunky boy, but inside that great big body is the heart of a true romantic. It will drive them to do brave and scary things, ford unthinkable waters - all in the name of the perfect offering for the woman they love.

And so it was that one of my very favorite men in full found himself in a very girly store, looking at delicate little black French blouses that were cropped the form and sexy and soignée as can be. It is, in some ways, uncharted territory, yet in others, a man truly in love not only knows what will set his amour ablaze, he knows what will make her even more beautiful. And so, the romance continues.

Washington Square Serenade Steve Earle

The original hardcore troubadour returns with an album that plumbs the shifting humanity and knots of life that comprise New York City as well as grown up love songs to a real live woman: his wife, songwriter Allison Moorer. Merging turntable technology with aggressive acoustic instruments, this is 21st century folk music - culled from the street and carried from the roots that’re pure and strong.

“Satellite Radio” is a pungent swirl of beats and the cry “is there anybody out there?” as it creates a portrait of radio beyond the FCC, while “City of Immigrants” celebrates a melting pot of cultures and opportunity that is Manhattan. With the relinquishment of one’s roots - “Tennessee Blues” - and the celebration of true love - “Days Aren’t Long Enough,” “Please Come Home” - as well as the cautionary truth-tale “Oxycontin Blues,” the bravado and intellect once again flexes to hold up mirrors to the soul that is the core of our imagination. A truly grown-up burst of smarts and intensity set to song.

La Taqueria  Mission Street, San Francisco, CA.

Tile floor, low 2, 3, 4 and 6 top tables. It is a line that moves fast, a flame that keeps burning, trays of chopped up protein and enough sour cream, avocado, salsa fresca and hot sauce to make any Mexican food junkie proud. They have carne asada that drips with beef juice and moist pollo, but the real winner is the carnitas: moist and succulent meat that is just beyond a hint of crispy along the edges. All is generously piled into doubled up palm sized corn tortillas - and offered for your sustenance and enjoyment in a place that is as authentic as it is delicious.

With a watermelon agua fresca and a good friend who can keep handing you napkins, it’s a heaven that is easily devoured, completely savored and invested in that file of moments that matter, tastes that last and smiles that sustain you long after you’re gone. To have places that’re tucked away, but of so everything… that is what La Taqueria embodies. Approach the humble patio strewn indoor that seems outdoor room with the reverence it deserves.


They are perhaps the single most adorable creature to live in a hole. Tiny little face with sweet sparkling black eyes, milk chocolate covered fur and tiny little paws that reach and pull the grass back down behind them. They dart up, take in the scene, find what they’re looking for, maybe bask in the sun—- and mostly seem to enjoy the world above the terre firme. Not much bigger than your hand, wrist and a bit of your arm, they are the best of squirrels, gerbils, chinchillas without the notion of domestication.

For a nation obsessed with meerkats, these slightly less exotic, absolutely more accessible rodentia exhibit all the reasons we respond to cute. They remind us of the potency of darling, they engage us with bit of whimsy, but they also remind us about our native state. All by coming out of their warren, looking about and having a moment or two—or ten—to take it all in.

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.”

It is in doing that we realize. It is being present that we cease to lie to ourselves. It is in action that our wings find the wind currents that will lift us up. Start with being aware. Take that energy and presence and make it work for you… let it give you the starting point that is clean and clear. You’ll be amazed how simple it is when you’re living in the now, the how it is and the way it can be…

Al Gore Gets The Nobel Prize

Here is a man who kept talking about the environment: whether he was running for office, being hailed a political nonstarter, a plodding theoriticist or ecologic shill. Think what you like, he got people’s attention; he focused the dialogue; he used the media to get his issues and concerns out; he was humble.

Did Al Gore do it to have a place in a world he wanted no part of? Maybe. But more importantly, he created awareness in a way none of his fellow politicos have got close to. He was committed to certain principles, and he found ways to expand their reach and their understanding. Global environmental issues are going to have impact far beyond even the price of a gallon of gas for people’s Hummers—and he’s trying to get Americans to be aware of it. It is an issue of peace—and it is amazing to recognize the good folks in Oslo recognizing that fact.

Live On The Sunset Strip The Raspberries

They were the original power-pop feel good AM radio act, and their timing was horrible. Just as music turned hippie, serious, album-oriented, the Raspberries erupted from the Midwest to leave a handful of perfect singles and a flickering shadow of what mighta been. Still songs like “Overnight Sensation (Hit Record),” “Go All The Way” and “I Wanna Be With You” define everything hit singles should be: swooping, lush, shimmering, euphoric.

Eric Carmen, of course, would go on to a self-titled solo record that seemed ubiquitous, But the little band who faded long before their mass legacy solidified (though Springsteen, Cobain, Cheap Trick and a couple Sex Pistols were purportedly all fans), this 2005 reunion concert at LA’s House of Blues live collection shows the blaze of real musicians pumping the fire that made them burn 30 years prior without pomp, hyperbole or carny tricks. Straight up pure pop for now people who remember—or wish to understand the sweet spot where pop and rock collide, still alive, vital and smile-inducing.

“Into The Wild”

Secession in extremis and coming of age. Gorgeously shot, evocatively scripted, this is Sean Penn’s directing of Jon Krakauer’s wilderness tale of Christopher McCandless, who forsook a family of some monetary station, yet riddled with fomenting domestic strife, to give away everything and seek his place in nature. It is a tangled series of vignettes—anchored by the million words in every expression on Emile Hirsch’s nascent face—that moves back and forth between a winter spent in Alaska’s untamed wilderness in a long abandoned bus and his journey from Emory graduate to drifter to nature communer.

It is in some ways a modern day Thoreau quest. In others, it demonstrates the cavernous gaps of loneliness that the self can fall into. In the end, with his great book companions and his dairies, the young man finds a clarity you can’t come back from. The journey, the lives touched, the moments that grew incandescent in reflection, they are the things that make this a hero’s tale—one beyond most of our reach, and yet one that resonates in the lessons to be gleaned from a visually compelling outward AND inward bound celebration of extremes.

Oxford American Music Issue October/November

Slightly musky, certainly rose grounded, these are sea salts infused with essential oils that melt into the bath releasing clouds of scent that waft around the bathroom in their own dizzying intoxication. Rose has always been both a relaxer and an inspirational scent—and sinking into a bath of that scent is to not just release your tension, but to drift away on thoughts you didn’t even realize you were capable of thinking. It is decadence and then some.

Oxford American Music Issue October/November

Again it is time for one of the greatest compilation CDs that comes out of the South—and even more cause for celebration is the accompanying magazine with its elevated writing about the lives, myths, obsessions and beyond that fire the music contained on the disc. Culled with a razor’s blade by musicos and confirmed Southernistas in Little Rock, Arkansas, this is about exhuming many artist who would go by unseen, treasures that perhaps have not been given their proper context, legendary moments and artists who just generally matter.

A longish piece on Dylan’s recording Nashville Skyline and a brilliant essay on coverboy Thelonius Monk, a report from New Orleans on Susan Cowsills’ brave and exhausting search for the brother who went missing in Katrina, Percy Mayfield, the Roches, Betty Davis, the blogospheric rattling the Annuals, courtly arranger Van Dyke Parks, folkie Iris DeMent, quirky quick-picking Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, songwriter Karen Dalton, Reverend Charlie Jackson, hip hopper David Banner and so much more. You could go on and on - and never quite scratch the surface, but really you should just listen, read, languish, enjoy and truly have a 360 degree cultural experience. Seek it out…

Oxford American Music Issue October/November

Again it is time for one of the greatest compilation CDs that comes out of the South—and even more cause for celebration is the accompanying magazine with its elevated writing about the lives, myths, obsessions and beyond that fire the music contained on the disc. Culled with a razor’s blade by musicos and confirmed Southernistas in Little Rock, Arkansas, this is about exhuming many artist who would go by unseen, treasures that perhaps have not been given their proper context, legendary moments and artists who just generally matter.

A longish piece on Dylan’s recording Nashville Skyline and a brilliant essay on coverboy Thelonius Monk, a report from New Orleans on Susan Cowsills’ brave and exhausting search for the brother who went missing in Katrina, Percy Mayfield, the Roches, Betty Davis, the blogospheric rattling the Annuals, courtly arranger Van Dyke Parks, folkie Iris DeMent, quirky quick-picking Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, songwriter Karen Dalton, Reverend Charlie Jackson, hip hopper David Banner and so much more. You could go on and on - and never quite scratch the surface, but really you should just listen, read, languish, enjoy and truly have a 360 degree cultural experience. Seek it out…

Shake Shack Madison Square Park, New York, NY

It is the kind of walk-up food that is rendered in a much higher quality. The burgers aren’t quite haute, but they’re top quality. The fries are almost more frites than the traditional frites. But what really makes the Shake Shack—with its two windows, one for food and one express ice cream and shake only window for those who come from the reason for pilgrimaging—rock is their creative sense of heavy dairy ice cream. With flavors ranging from dutch chocolate to cream to sweet corn, these are simple, yet at times unexpected flavors, given a depth that makes them more than just one more soft serve swirl.

There is a line… often one that is 20 minutes or longer… but to stand under huge elm trees, watch the middle/lower East side walk by, it passes quickly. As close as having an honest-to-goodness picnic in Manhattan as you can get, this is one to remember—and enjoy. Basic burgers, franks and soft serve is an iconic American tradition, and even amidst the hustle you can find a little bit of Main Street.

Lululemon  Grant Street, SF (and 37 outlets nationwide)

It is not a superstore, and yet… all things yoga can be found at this environmentally sound retail outpost. Mats, blocks, jackets, hand knit leg warmers. Even the occasional classes are offered. But mostly, it is about varieties on the them of clothes that stretch, support and move with you. Whether it is long sleeve, short sleeve, no sleeve or an athletic tank—let alone boy shorts, bike shorts, Capri length and long leggings as well as pants - whatever will enhance your practice, Lululemon has it in any fabrication you could wish for. A tranquil, but informed staff can answer questions… It is an easy outpost for the pretzel in us all.

“Simmons Family Jewels”  A&E/Buy It By The Season

He was the God of Thunder when KISS reigned supreme as shock metal rock pop heroes in the 70s and 80s. He was also a business svengali type—and notorious man about hedonistic pleasure. What America missed was his settling down with legendary Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed, having a family and embracing domestic bliss in the eye of the rock & roll storm.

Like so many reality shows, one has to wonder how much has been contrived or staged to create the tension or juxtaposition that we see. But it’s funny stuff, human and revealing - and offering the balance between two worlds that have no business colliding. My friend Bridgett is so obsessed, she once regaled Lyle Lovett about the latest episode’s merits—in its own topsy turvy juxtapositionary moment—for 10 minutes one night. Watching a few episodes back-to-back, her passion begins to make sense.

Champaca Bloom & Fern  Voluspa Candles

It is a clean smell. Botanical without being sweet. Alive without being overpowering. Three wicks shed much light - and the low wide mouthed tin container affords a coffee table, shelf, wherever versatility that makes this a utility candle for ambience as well as scenting even the most stale area. Soy wax. Clean burning wicks. Good quality essential oils. This is the workhorse of candles: affordable, amendable and appropriate for almost any olfactory reality.

Triton Hotel   342 Grant Street, San Francisco, CA

At the gates of Chinatown, it is a swirl of brocade wallpapers, mix’n'match carpeting swaths, Wonderland hodge podge furniture and an explosion of all the best tempera colors. Inspired by the local artisans, it evokes the boldness of expression with the quirky details that transcend kitsch to something engaging. Free internet, beer and wine at cocktail hour, coffee and tea at breakfast time and cookies in the late afternoon add to the charm factor.

It is that slightly bravado burst of creativity that makes this more than a tragically hip outpost for the traveler who doesn’t want one more chain. The staff if friendly and accommodating, the permanently lit fire in the lobby inviting and the wine bar on one side and French boite next door make for an easy repast and there are blocks of yummy everything within easy walking distance.

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.It is the fundamental emotion that stan

To not know, to just wonder—and enjoy that sensation. To feel the moment for what it can be, to recognize the vastness and see its beauty without having to understand every atom, there is nothing more sacred, more lovely. Beauty is beyond the obvious… beyond what is stated… beyond what can be defined. In that gap between what we know and what we feel is what we dream. Fear not, embrace more, understand the thrill of being alive.

Heavenly Honey Green   Honest Tea

It is not overly sweet, not does it have the stale taste bottled tea usually has: all bitter and biting after the fact. There is also no sense of chemicals, which marks many of the “tea products,” because other than good quality green leaf tea, there is only a touch of honey added to heighten its quench-factor.

Simple. Clean. Delicious. If one more bottle of water is more than you can handle, look for Honest Tea. You will get the tiniest burst of flavor, instant refreshment and the hydration you require.

Riding the Flying Bunny    Green Tiger Cards

In an almost Dickensian rendering, a young boy in a nightshirt flies above a night-time Edwardian feeling city - leaning forward between the shoulder blades of a particular fetching brown rabbit. With long ears pushed back from the wind and the flying, the youngster can hang on and see the night-time place that is his home, traveling quickly, beyond the realm of gravity and absolutely at the crest of imagination. To ride the flying bunny is to be a master of whimsy; to send a Green Tiger Card is to invite a friend into your realm of possibility. All it takes is a few lines, an address and a stamp. Look for them.

“Running Down A Dream”

In these brokered media moments—because artists fear misinterpretation, so they reveal nothing and the press’s jaundiced skepticism often prevents the possibility of any revelation emerging—there is little authenticity to be found in the quest for where the music comes from. Instead it is a reductionistic collection of Polaroid’s from the rock & roll jungle, designed to validate or desecrate the too-much-inside-knowledge fan perspective that has come to be basic artist appreciation.

Of all people, who would’ve expected Peter Bogdonovich to have crawled into the inscrutable no frills rock scion Tom Petty and his inimitable band the Heartbreakers to emerge with a honest, at times raw picture of what it means to live with a level of integrity in one’s music, while considering a changing marketplace and the need to maintain one’s sanity and legacy while walking that line? It is at times tedious, but it is also the man, his words, his world—and the viewer is left in many ways to draw their own conclusion. For fans of the man, this is whole close; for students of the rock & roll dream, it’s thrills and often seeds of self-betrayal, it is a riveting work as well.

Ilex… for Flowers   Nashville, TN

It is a clean, lean storefront, but what they send is opulent and bordering on decadent. An arrangement low yet so dense, it is almost beyond a bouquet. Opal almost blue white hydrangeas, lightly-kissed with pink orchids and pure white roses erupt from a square vase. They are fresh and filled with life, even as they shall only have so many days of intensely impossible beauty—and yet the fact that they arrive with a bamboo stalk and a white satin ribbon attaching a card to let me know I’m being thought of in the traces of memories of a pretty major loss last year.

It is the florists who conjure the bounty of nature, who celebrate the beauty of blooms and stems and leaves, who create arrangements that make one sigh just for the loveliness of what flowers can be. Anyone seeking the simplest direct line to what is gorgeous in our world by way of dirt and rain and sunshine, Ilex can help you sort it out.

Hydrogen Peroxide in a Spray Bottle

When you have animal smells that just won’t quit, this is a cheap, quick, easy and especially effective fix. Test your tile, carpet or linoleum to make sure it won’t fade or eat away the finish—and heavily finished wood may also be alright. If a decent spray doesn’t impact, cover your floor, wait 10 minutes, wipe up. Seriously bad cases, repeat again the next day. Sanitizing, deodorizing, quick.

Butch Hancock, Curated by Terry Allen   Cue Art Foundation, New York

He is a West Texas mystic. A songwriter (Emmylou Harris gave “Bluebird” wings), a Flatlander (with Lubbockites Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Joe Ely), a performer, visionary and artist. Now the pictures that the Terlingua, Texas-based multi-median have taken are the subject of a high concept exhibit at New York City’s progressive art outpost, curated by fellow Texas artisan Terry Allen.

With a unique eye and sense of framing that offers a deeper sense of insight and understanding, Butch Hancock’s worldview draws us into the tiniest details, creases and scuffed places that make life something experienced rather than watched. Until December 1st, the Lone Star enigma opens his eyes and his lens for all in New York to view, draw in, consider. Worth the trip.

Sears Restaurant   439 Powell Street, San Francisco

Fine food, but even more truthfully, classic American no frills meals. They have all the classics, from meatloaf to chicken piccata, salads and sandwiches. But where the restaurant - opened in 1938—distinguishes itself is breakfast: thickly sliced side meat, rich dark coffee, pecan waffles my friends Steve and Allison - he a Texan, she an Alabama girl - swear are the best they’ve ever eaten.

The signature dish are little pancakes. Six three inch stacks, shaped like a daisy, three deep. They rise enough to be a tiny bit puffy, but are thin enough to be a bit crispy on the outside. Served with soft butter and real syrup, it’s a meal for two, but given the size of the cakes, you feel like you really dented your plate even when you don’t get close to halfway done.

“Smartest Model in the World”  VH-1

Uhm, yeah. In a world where hot is the commodity that seems to matter above all, seeing extreme beauty leveled on the playing field shouldn’t be taken so much about superiority and mockery as giving the plain kids a perspective to know the difference and recognize their own value. It is hilarious how far afield the indulged can get - and Ben Stein plays it straight to maximize the contrast. A sick guilty pleasure of the highest order.

Lavender Body Wash  Johnson & Johnson

It is almost a hint of scent, not the usual throat-clutching lavender assault that makes all but the boldest of noses wonder how soothing so strong can be relaxing. It is rich enough to lather up, dissolve sweat, environmental factors and the rest of the day with an oddly luxurious texture—and it washes away squeaky clean. These are the people who gave the world “no more tears” baby shampoo, so they know from gentle… and with lavender body wash, they also make cleanliness an appreciative sigh of relief and release.


It has been called The New Yorker of drum magazines—and with its 25 page cover stories, they have absolutely found a way to capture the essence of their subjects. But just as much as it’s about gear and sessions and rhythmic patterns, Traps! Is committed to merging the humanity of the musicians who bring the beats, who create riffs that we know, but also who exist beyond the bandstand.
Lovingly curated—even more than edited - by GPI vets Andy Doerschuk and Phil Hood, editor and publisher respectively, this is an outpost for strong writing, arresting images, the tiniest details that speak volumes, the elegance of people creating the heart of music that drives our most pensive moments and kick-out-the-jams power surges.


It is a place of possibility, perfection, healing, Depending on what your goals are, to get beyond is to arrive at a place that is desired. Be it ground-broken, forgiveness, peace, new frontiers, beyond is the valley further than what you know, what is experienced, what drives you. To get beyond is to jettison that which holds you down, to arrive at a place of inspiration, bliss or even just the moment when all is as it should be. More than imagination or culmination, it is beyond what we might dare, yet right where we belong.