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June 2007

June 2007: Double Zevon, Tide w Bleach, Windowsill Birds & Red Garland

Jardin de Simple Candles Ventilo

   Fresh cut mint. Newly mown fields. Lots of first bloom flowers: roses
and iris, lilies and violets. For all that seems to be going on, what you have
is actually a fairly uncomplicated scent that is the elixir of dew on a garden
very early in the morning. It’s a scent that makes you alive without feeling
overwhelmed or overstimulated. Puts you in the essence of blossoms and herbs, a bit of the lawn, but especially the sense of the beauty of the things we grow not as staples, but as embellishments to our life.

   It is these basic luxuries. The depth of the scents, but also the
cleanness of their essences that strikes you. It will captivate you, charm you, but never overpower you. For a house that speaks of a woman’s essence without cloying or hitting the high perfume quotient, this is a wonderful way to go.

Drink-ol-o-gy Eats James Waller & Ramona Ponce

   Snacks to eat while you drink. Classically-grounded, these are finger
foods, grazing foods, buffet dishes, tray meals, hors d’oeuvres, morning afters
and everything in between. If it can be eaten while adult beverages are being
quaffed, it is in here—along with some fairly intriguing ways to feast
while one cocktails.

   It requires strength to adjust one’s attitude, find the happiest hours
and marinate in something with a proof that tops 100. This is the book that’ll
give you the recipes, prep tips and combos to make it happen with style, ease and the sustenance a truly limber elbow requires!

Bust June/July

   While the Chloe Sevigny cover and photos are impossibly beautiful, the
plucky interview makes her one-of-the-gurls in a fresh sweet way. As lovely as it is to see the indie wunderkind emerge as a happy-go-lucky sort who has clarity and laughter on her cruisecontrol, the femizeen that’s “ProWomen. NOT Anti-Men” also offers a thoughtful interview with punk/poet Patti Smith that reflects on 60 years of life, the ways struggles shift with time, what she was seeking and what she found, the realities of parenting v. artistry and what the Dalai Llama told her.

   Accessible, street-cred fashion, Mah Johng explained, an examination of
the ultimate oxymoron: feminist mormons and all the usual DIT crafts,
off-center websites and empowerment propositions. Bust is Ms without aggressive politicization, stridency or grrrlyness. The state of evolved American women with perfect binding and full-immersion 4-color pics.

Pryama Pillow

   Not more than 4 inches wide, this yard’s length of buckwheat stuffed
pillow is perfectly suited to run down one’s spin and open the rib cage and solar plexus for deeper breathing possibilities. As a supplement to bound triangle pose, it heightens the position’s benefit, but even as a prop for a standard corpse, it takes relaxation even further.

Red Garland Trio at the Prelude

   What not to play… the way technique and space hang weightless in the
air, suspending each other without ever touching. Les Garland—a piano
practitioner who shared dates with Miles Davis—is not so zen as Bill Evans, yet utters the evocation of Coltrane at his most quietly compelling, And the Red Garland Trio takes it out in ways that suggest drifting on still waters under warm sun, a golden patina covering all—emotions gently lapping at you like the notes caressed, coaxed and charmed into the recording. Wondrous stuff.

   “One O’Clock Jump,” “Perdido,” “Satin Doll” only begin to explain the
canon of a jazz where the space is as strong as the notes, the notes move
through a variance of depth and intensity, the moments seem kinetic, yet light. If it is the expression beyond words that allows the best old school jazz to scrape the places we can’t articulate, this is a long night of wonder and marvel captured on two discs with stunningly warm sound.

Zootensils Hefty

   Imagine heavy duty plastic cutlery for kids—in vibrant pastels, with
handles shaped like wild animals. With an electric blue swordfish knife and a
hot pink bird fork for starters, the summer table just took on several
unexpected notes. Color, whimsy, fauna. Kid safe, grown-up smile-inspiring, this silverware is the great equalizer in the festive playful table grand prix.

   Inexpensive enough, you don’t have to rue someone tossing “a setting
out,” but sturdy enough that each spoon, fork or knife could go through several meals with moxie. Just when mealtime seemed impossibly bound to what you already know, Hefty conjures Zootensils for dinner with a roar (of joy!).

Zootensils Hefty

   Imagine heavy duty plastic cutlery for kids—in vibrant pastels, with
handles shaped like wild animals. With an electric blue swordfish knife and a
hot pink bird fork for starters, the summer table just took on several
unexpected notes. Color, whimsy, fauna. Kid safe, grown-up smile-inspiring, this silverware is the great equalizer in the festive playful table grand prix.

   Inexpensive enough, you don’t have to rue someone tossing “a setting
out,” but sturdy enough that each spoon, fork or knife could go through several meals with moxie. Just when mealtime seemed impossibly bound to what you already know, Hefty conjures Zootensils for dinner with a roar (of joy!).

Sweet Potato Empanada Sweet 16, Nashville, TN

   With a flakey crust that’s somewhere between classic pie and a moistly
buttery dinner roll, Sweet 16’s empanadas hold a mixture of mashed sweet
potatoes, caramelized onions and a bit of sea salt. With a glaze that is more savory than sweet, this a hand-pie package of soul food—warmed to where the earthiness of the root vegetable develops that smoky

“He who would climb to a lofty height must go by steps, not leaps.”

   It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish, there are incremental
steps on your way there. Bit by bit, not leap by leap, one moves, grows, comes into one’s own. It allows a graceful trajectory for achievement, a way to handle what is coming to you that is both earned and understood. To have it all too fast, too soon is to be tormented by what comes to you, to second guess or squander that which may only come around once… and so, it is in manageable pieces that our destiny is forged. To accept, no to embrace that is to invite the deepest satisfaction and ability to succeed into our lives.

Roland 1080, Patch #90 General Midi Page

   It is called “the warm patch,” but it is really, profoundly, so very
much more. It’s one of the most mood conjuring sounds on a keyboard. It is the genesis and the ground zero of Springsteen’s impossibly haunting “Streets of Philadelphia” - and it penetrates your soul as deeply as the cosmos are vast. It is essence. It is ghostly. It is the footsteps that fall behind you from some other time, the shadow cast across an empty field.

Medallion Print Swimsuit, Spanish Brown Patrick Robinson for Target

   A plunging tank suit in white with a cocoa colored, almost native print.
Full coverage, total sex appeal. Covered in a repetitive filigreed medallion
print, it suggests over-sized wallpaper in New Orleans’ drawing rooms, African or Caribbean headwraps, dramatic Upper East Side window treatments.

   But it’s none of those. Rather a widely affordable chic bit of freedom,
ready for the beach or the chaise, the pool of the hammock. The accompanying line comes with knits that drape, cottons in variations on the print and long thin linen scarves that double as belts, hair ties. Style within reach of the masses… no wonder the fashion magazines have all tipped on this line.

Standing in the Fire   Crystal Zevon

   To tell the truth about a life cast large and bold and mean and romantic
is hard enough from the outside, but to tell it from the inside out—to at
times have to face the truths you didn’t want to see, and expose your own
camouflage of how-you-saw-it/showed-it—is a Herculean task. For the wife of one of the most iconoclastic writers to come out of the Southern California
singer/songwriter scene to not just capture the F Scott and Zelda demi-follies of their own adventure without flinching is amazing, Crystal Zevon also manages to stare down the realities of her ex-husband’s sex addiction, narcissism, sobriety, parenting skirmishes, doubts, lovers and convoluted course of living with a clarity that comes from understanding the subject’s truest compass.

   Done as an oral history, these are all the principles - in their own
words - telling the tales, sharing the insights, offering the moments up.
Scrupulously culled and obsessively sought, it is the Jackson Browne and Bruce Springsteens, as well as the creative catalysts like best friend Jorge Caldero and electric guitarist Waddy Wachtel, not to mention his children, those subsequent girlfriends and all kinds of people who passed through his life. As an article of unfettered, but merciless life capturing, Standing in the Fire is a glorious work for anyone who loved the man, his songs or just that time.

Read My Stars t-Shirt 

   Fate? Celestial punctuation? Cosmic ordering? A Clint Eastwood take on
new age fame? Sure, why not? But these teeny, tiny little tank tops - in baby
blue, pink and black—come with a provocative come on of galaxy-sweeping
proportions. Put it on, challenge the passers-by to figure your reality out.
Plucky stargazer or aspirational forecaster… either way, you’re putting out a
positive vibe for something far more interesting than the mundane and the plain dirt bound.

Acai + Blueberry Juice Bossa Nova

   Not as sweet as it sounds, I drink mine with club soda—or poured into
some kind of deep green tea. It dilutes the potent antioxidant liquid, but
doesn’t diminish the intensity of the fresh berry flavor. A slight tartness, but
mostly that blue sweetness expands on the tongue, making an almost indigo
impression as the top wispy top notes burn off. A seriously complicated fruit

The legend’s wife

   She is pretty without being forced. Ashen blond hair, hanging straight
down. Her smile is pure warmth and welcome, yet her eyes—inviting, yes, but wildly aware and assessing those in range - reveal a staggering intellect. The legend’s wife is not a former Hooters girl or an extreme Boheme, but more a rock solid woman whose beauty is as intensely directed from her kindness as the planes of her cheeks, the rose bud of a mouth that is a relaxed bow, marking the gift of unforced womanhood.

   There was an hour or two spent talking one night, about everything and
nothing, Worlds that may’ve touched, realities that were as they seemed, hopes, dreams, the value of fame, the things that truly defined dignity. It was the sort of stirred not shaken encounter that reveals the kind of a soul mate a
man of substance truly reaches for.

Cuticle Oil Deborah Lippman

   Lavender colored. Quick absorbing. Slather it on. Wait a few moments.
Know the nail beds and their edges will soon be healing. It is as easy as slap
slap slap. From Deborah Lippman, the smoky chanteuse/lacquer diva. A must have.

Buckin’ Around Jann Browne

  Real honky tonk music is rough around the edges: the beat propulsive in
a way that suggests carnal things, the guitars stinging and acidic and the
voices sand-papered beyond glossy smoothness. Jann Browne doesn’t just know these things, she’s lived them—and that hardworn authenticity makes Buckin’ Around, her tribute to the late great Bakersfield guitar picker and country singer, that much more potent.

   Embracing so many of the standards—“Love’s Gonna Live Here,” “Hot
Dog,” “Waitin’ In Your Welfare Line,” “Excuse Me (I Think I’ve Got A
Heartache)” with a raucous robustness that beats like swingin’ doors, Browne enlists many of Southern Cali’s A-Team of honky tonkers (Buck alum Jay Dee Maness, Desert Rose Bander Bill Bryson, Haggard vet Scott Joss and worldclass girl singers Iris DeMent and Joy Lynn White) for a tribute that is unabashedly “Hell, YEAH!” Her “Play Together Again, Again” is a joyous sound—redolent of the huge emotions that make jukebox sob-standards so addicting, while “Loose Talk” is the canny wordplay that’s easily missed when embracing this sorta music as pure hick, no waiting.

Various Champagne Glasses

There are so many shapes to pick from: trumpet, flute, tulip, the
classic coupe. We all have our favorite—mine being the gently swelling, slowly curvy tulip, but what could be more festive than plenty of each? Everyone gets what they love, but more euphorically, it’s an abundance of variety and effervescence. Think of it as a glass garden of tickling imbibement, where the shapes are exuberance in many forms, serving the vintage in all possible shapes.


   Silly good fun! Click on the link. Type in the date. Be transported to a
list of all the #1 songs on the day in question for (surely) a lot longer
than we’ve all been alive! What better quicker trivia to drop at a birthday
party? What could be more endearing to put in a birthday card? Know the song from when you, your friends, your love, your pet was born…. And all the big hits they were celebrating to over the years.

Dreaming in Libro Louise Bernikow

   A short charming read about the tides of one woman and the great love of
her life: Libro, the dog who adopted her and as the subtitle promises “tamed
a bad woman.” For magazine essayist, hardcore Manhattanite and erstwhile gal about town, the 60-pound boxer with the past she will never know becomes an anchor and a reason for life to have a rhythm. He also provides the impetus for a successful enough book (and book tour!) to give her her first real nest egg.

   In the unconventionality and unconditional loyalty—as well as
dogmatic quirks—Bernikow reinvents how she views her world and her way of living. In offering refuge to a somewhat daunting looking stray, she finds a new kind of contentment, For dog lovers, idyllic readers and fans of the little books that give small moments major resonance. Take it to a beach, pool or rainy afternoon for maximum pleasure.

“Never cry over anything that can’t cry over you.”

   Sometimes eavesdropping on unlikely people pays off. Two men, both
wearing polo shirts, sharing a late morning cup of coffee, remembering people long gone. One had an aunt who had a very expensive glass coffee table the child had dropped a cup on and shattered. As the young boy cried from the
embarrassment and notion that he’d ruined this beautiful thing, the woman gathered him up, looked deep into his eyes and shared this truth with gentle insistence that stayed with him through the years.

   The older lady and the man were both right. If it can’t cry over you,
how can you possibly shed tears for it. Things are just that, and yet… A genuine perspective shifter.

Feed The Children Burlap Tote Bag World Food Programme

   A whole new way to look at “strapping on the ole feedbag,” the burlap
totes are actual relief sacks used by the United Nation in their hunger relief
efforts. One side emblazoned “Feed The Children of the World,” the other is
the minimal profound number “1”—declaring the child that was fed for an
entire year from the purchase price of the bag.

   For the crunchy granola liberal, the Upper East Side chic, the working or
soccer Mom, aware student and soignée intellectual, this is the great
equalizer. Anyone can carry it and look absolutely appropriate in their own personal Boheme. And if you click on the link, you can also see a short film on the way this money really truly does ease the desperate starvation in the Third World.

“Grand Theft Parsons” DVD

Johnny Knoxville plays iconoclastic, idiosyncratic “Road Mangler” Phil
Kaufman, a tour manager/aide de camp/world class running buddy, in a
semi-fictionalized take on the fulfillment of client and comrade Gram Parsons’ last wish: disposing of his body by fire in the Joshua Tree Desert. Parsons was a,rock-grounded insurrectionist whose trade was classic teardrop country—and whose affinity for seriously old school hillbilly shuffles, bar-room weepers and backwoods bluegrass made him an authentico rogue companion for Keith Richards.

   It was in that excessively louche demimonde grittiness of privilege and
gutbucket that Kaufman’s story of honoring a promise made unfolds. It is a
crazy obsessive girlfriend (Christina Applegate) and a high’n'mighty stepfather
and a hippie cosmic hearse owner that complicate the unthinkable—steal thecorpse, get to the desert, sprinkle the high test gasoline and set the blaze —and create the comedic conflicts. Not high art, yet “do you believe that?”, entertaining. Perfect late night viewing for anyone who loves modern myth with a rock & roll twist, especially knowing the facts are what the fictions here are strung from.

Birds On My Windowsill

   Perhaps it’s the construction removing so many of the trees… or maybe
now that I’m perched in my guest room where they can see me, the birds have a reason to light. But there’s something about watching the tiny hop, the gentle turn, the staring in or across the ledge. Suddenly, there are all manner of birds on my window sill, sunning, singing, enjoying the view. It is a moment inside nature, and if you’re still long enough, you can appreciate the grace of these creatures who defy gravity with a few downstrokes of their feathery wings.

How To Walk In High Heels: The Girl’s Guide To Everything 
Camilla Morton

   There’s a certain kind of waif/sylph who whirls through the world in
Manolo’s, captivating people around her wherever she goes and leaving bits of
sparkling “ooooh…” in her wake. It’s not about being turbo-high fashion, or
relentless au courant, but more the glee with which one embraces life. Such a girl is Brit flit and Parisienne come-lately-but-comely Camilla Morton—indeed, so was the young lady who handed me this book with a wink for my birthday several months after the fact . It was a perfect gift, indeed.

   Chapters about how to pull it together and look fabulous in any
circumstances and to be a swan under pressure are obvious, but Miss Morton also scoops up technical prowess, basic of home ownership and gardening, jetting about, ironing like a master and protocol snafus unraveled. With expert commentary from supermodels, uberdesigners, editrixes as punctuation for The Girl’s Guide To Everything maven’s unstoppable irrepressibility, it’s entertaining, practical and the ultimate secret handshake. Read it and laugh…. Just wear the best shoes when elevating from the clueless herd.

Vanilla Crème Brulee Cheesecake The Grape, Atlanta

   The light kind of cheesecake, more dry ricotta whipped than heavy sour
cream denseness. Standing tall in the saddle, a thick bottom of impossibly fine graham cracker crust with a whisper of cinnamon. Pretty much perfection if this is the kind of cheesecake you prefer… and just when you couldn’t get any better, they put a thin layer of burnt sugar on top, approximate crème brulee but sans the quivery gel-like custard. Take the best part of an elevated
classic, graft it to the chassis of the more sophisticated deli staple and voila! a whole new realm of world’s colliding.

Scarred Johnette Napolitano

   Murky and swirling, this is the kind of record that haunts you in the
lost hours. Johnette Napolitano, the raggedly penetrating busted/rusted-pipe of a voiced girl singer who gave Concrete Blond their stopping power, makes
hushed a howl, and yowling an intimate gut-wrenching experience. On her first solo endeavor, the dervish stills and the intensity of her hollows is crushing.

   Somewhere between Nina Simone’s darkness and Marianne Faithfull’s louche and threadbare decadence, Napolitano shudders through that final bleak hangover, trying to make sense of it all. A chilling habitation of the Velvet Underground’s “All Tomorrow’s Parties” is an elegy for the emptiness of what shall be left behind, while her own “My Diane” soothes through the chaos that is inevitable to these lives. Never preaching, only daringly accurate, Napolitano’s gaslight chanson verite has the stopping power of “God Is A Bullet” without the wattage. One of those demimonde records of the ones who flirt with the darkest places, the laudanum and the cosmic elixir that is frankincense on pulsepoints.

Tide with Bleach

   When you need to get your whites clean and bright, this is not just the
simplest - it’s the smartest. While traditional liquid bleaches can turn optic
white yellow, the blue bits in classic tide are designed to neutralize the
tinge, and pump up the blinding aspect of your white clothing. One product thatmdoesn’t spill or seep or accidentally remove the color from whatever else it splashes on, Tide with Bleach is an ease of operation common miracle.

Nautical Rope Belt J. Crew

   A clean, none leather alternative to holding one’s pants up. It is
slightly retro, absolutely kitschy. The nautical rope belt harkens back to a more innocent time, when summer and boating and picnics on the beach just seemed to be part of it - and for one moment of sartorial punctuation, so we can imagine again.

“Catch & Release” DVD

   SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE TRAILER!!! The secrets the ones we love keep… and the way one girl, Jennifer Garner, is impaled by them on the brink of her engagement following her intended’s demise. What people knew - and didn’t. What they believed - and didn’t question. The way love can sometimes come from unlikely, indeed perhaps even borderline repellant places
   With quirk geniuses Juliette Lewis and Kevin Smith taking unlikely turns
—she as a vapid, needy dimestore glamazon, he as sincere voice of moral
tenderness, this is world’s colliding, beliefs challenged and a kit of turns and
unfurling of humanity in the best ways. Sometimes it’s staying in the
discomfort, shedding the tears, staying open that the grander picture reveals. Hardly neat and tidy, and yet Garner—who gets a lot of distance out of a seriously slow rolling and beaming smile—arrives through disappointments, shocks, lust and better judgment. The kind of romantic comedy that makes the genre life-affirming.


   Tart bitter berries… like raspberries that aren’t quite ripe on
steroids. Intensely flavored, they pucker the lips and almost shrivel the tongue. Yet sprinkled on cereal, they add a piquant flair to breakfast. Covered with crumble or a pie crust, they make desert a brisk juxtaposition of citric bite and sugary goodness. And macerated a bit, they liven up chicken breasts in a way that’s not cloying, yet also isn’t overtly spicy.

   In season now, they’re a variation on the obvious. Fresh and bursting
with taste, they spark whatever they’re paired with.

   The daily green gives you tips on how to get your life more
ecologically-grounded. Organizations you should know. Products to consider. Little things that pack a wallop. Its our world. It’s a mess that seems so much bigger than anything we might be capable of—and that’s where the daily green comes in. With a few clicks, a few words, the power doesn’t just shift, but you realize how incremental changes yield profound and lasting results.

Grown-Up Boys

   The very best kind of men. Baseball caps. Jack Purcell high top
sneakers. Wallets on chains, Rumpled t-shirts. Cowboy snap fronts. Grey hair. Classic glasses—be they John Lennon round or Buddy Holly black frames. They are obviously adult, but absolutely of the spirit. Younger and wiser, aware, evolved, sensitive, but capable of great laughter.

   They look so cute. They are so committed to the moment and to living.
You see them flapping by, consumed by so very many things—and that is the good news. Right there, right now, right wow. Anything but the man in the grey flannel suit, everything boys with any kind of passion and fire should aspire to. The best of all worlds for women who love the best of what the Y-chromosonal twist has to offer—all the joy with a lot less hubris.

Sandale Folies Roger Vivier

   The ultimate in high girl shoe porn. From the French shoeman who
understands the depths of sole in a woman’s soul. A deep purple silk—lifting
heavenward on a dizzying 4 _ inch stiletto tower of a heel—this thin ankle
strap, explosion of maribou constellation anchored with Vivier’s signature
buckle rendered in (gasp!) Swarovski crystals takes foot fetish decadence to a new level. These shoes out Marilyn/Liz/glam the truest screen divas of all time - and they do it with a poof of sunbursting feathers, a pilgrim-invoking
dazzling-Vegascentric bit of adornment and the perfectly lean clean lines that
makes Vivier the standard for luxe couture footwear.

   With a pricetag (GASP! again) of $2350, this is no drive-by quick fix
option. Indeed, it is impractical to the exponetiation of one’s life station—
and yet, to dream, perchance to sigh. And those who are best served
fantasizing from a distance, it’s this month’s “Last Look” in American Vogue.

Man Kind Tea (Blueberry Green Tea) Republic of Tea

   Benefiting the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the Republic of Tea’s latest
brew is about maximizing antioxidant punch—through the green tea’s catechin polyphenols and blueberries’ equally potent anti-aging and disease
components. It is a health drink, but just as importantly, Man Kind Tea tastes fresh and happy—the leafy verdance of the tea is marked by the sweet fruitiness of the berries, making this a delightfully mellow blend.

   As a hot drink, it’s a mouthful of flavor that settles your stomach,
eases your mind. As iced tea (brewed double strong to maintain the flavor amidst the chill), it is an intriguing turn on a summer favorite.
Consciousness-raising, research-funding and thirst-quenching, a triple threat in a tea cap.

The Show I’ll Never Forget Various

   Authors, musicians, critics capture the band, the night, the feeling
where music was its most incandescent. These are life-defining moments, celebrated for the shared experience, the sound of guitars, the reality of the act versus contemporary culture…and editor Sean Manning enlists scenester Arion Berger to capture the moment of California punk that was X/Levi & the Rockets at LA’s Whiskey in 1979, novelist David Gates celebration of James Brown at Boston Garden in the racially tumultuous 1968, pop culturist Chuck Klosterman seeing Prince in the depths of the flyover: North Dakota’s Fargodome.

   It is the biggest acts - Zeppelin, the Stones, the Beatles, Hendrix, as
well jazz luminaries Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Nina Simone - and moments of
explosion—Woodstock, the Funk Festival in LA, Springsteen at Madison Square Garden in 79, Nirvana at Seattle’s Paramount Theatre in 1991. Some is guilty pleasure—Bon Jovi, Kevin Spacey Rush, some personal obsession—Patti Smith cresting, Mink DeVille, Television, some a perfect moment—Black Flag, the White Stripes, Beck. American Splendor cartoonist Harvey Pekar submits Joe Maneri playing Pekar’s living room, while Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore remembers Glen Branca, Rudolph Grey, and Wharton Tiers at NYC’s Knitting Factory. Something for everyone, insight into bands that elude you… an exhilarating charm bracelet to read.

“Let’s talk of happy things.”

   An absolutely not-beau, yet a certain frisson-dripping boy from the past
has a way of transforming the soggiest-leaning moments with this little
reminder. Not in a realm of denial, nor a slimy patina to soften the at hand, but a shift of focus, a reminder that there is always good to have: all you have to do is see it.

   In those moments of hair-pulling agony, choking on the howling angst of
entirely too much, talk of happy things. Sometimes merely breaking the
momentum is more than plenty to crack the clouds, allow a tiny little ray of hope to bam down. Happy things, no matter how small, are never trivial, they are a quick lift in a difficult moment—and easier to access than Prozac, Neiman Marcus or a Buddhist temple. Unless of course, you’re happy talk is about the merits of any or all of them.

Golden Moisture Jergen’s

   As good as it feels, prolonged exposure to the sun isn’t good for you.
As good as it looks, is it really worth the potential for melanoma and worse?
And yet, there has to be a way that doesn’t turn you carrot-top orange or
shatter your piggy bank in pursuit of that healthy glow? Indeed, Jergens—the
lotion that recalls almost everyone’s Grandma’s hands—has come up with an affordable, creamy, skin-nurturing self-tanning product that turns up the pigment slowly, smells like you remember and add suppleness with its tropical tint.

Calvin Borel

   There are fewer stories of tenacity and heart as charming as Calvin
Borel, the Louisiana jockey with a grade school education who learned to ride race horses in claiming races on backwater race tracks in the state. With a
brother who was a trainer, who taught him from the grooming and mucking stalls ground up, Borel understands the why of what makes horses run—and he uses that sense of spirit to encourage the animals to throw their entire self at the distance.

   Riding Show Stopper to Churchill Downs’ winner’s circle at this year’s
Kentucky Derby, Borel is a bootstraps up tale of perseverance, desire and love for the running. With a charming smile and the willingness to ride for
whomever asks, Borel is a populist jockey who runs for the feel of the wind in his face and the adrenalin that pumps through his veins.

Tangy Tomato Ranch Baked Veggie Crisps Flat Earth

Everything the bag says, and then some. Lighter than air, with a crisp
that is waffley not dried out. Long on vegetable flavor, this is the best of
the crudite platter sundried and infused into the ridgy flat crisps. Short on
calories, long on flavor, a not quite so guilty pleasure for the hardcore junk
food junkie within.

Preludes: Rare and Unreleased Recordings Warren Zevon

Sketches of some of Southern California’s most charismatic peaceful easy
rock music, Preludes shifts between the bravado that was “Lawyers, Guns &
Money” and “Roland The Thompson Gunner” with the tender romanticism of the jaded Hollywood squalor “The French Inhaler,” the ever-changing woman of “Hasten Down The Wind” and the surrender of the scarred “Abandoned Love.” There are songs never before heard “Tuli’s Blues,” the notion of “Werewolves of London,”

   Manic. Rough-hewn. Alive. These are the skeletons of inventive stories
and unforgettable characters draped over breathtaking melodies and impossible hooks, given enough heart to connect the dots on songs’ germination points. A must for fans and anyone who is a student of songwriting, appreciates Tom Waits gruffness and Jackson Browne’s willingness to reveal his deepest misgivings.