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September 2001

September 2001: Back To School Edition

Short Plaid Skirts -

‘Tis the season. Just don’t wear your’s like Britney!

The War of Art—

Tough love for creatives. If there’s anything to stick TNT up one’s 
somewhat languishing backside, this is it. Stops negative inner voices in 
their tracks, reminds the reader what’s important and shows excuses for the 
lame self-defeats they are.

Bonnard Bombs -

Sea salt compounded with rose oil and orange water. Shaped into a ball - 
that when dropped into water, turns into festive alka seltzer of the bath. 
Smells great, detoxifies, offers the babiest of colors to tint the moment.

Alice’s Tea Cup - 73rd and Columbus, New York

A tea room devoted to Alice in Wonderland? Curiouser and curiouser. or 
perhaps delicious and deliciouser. Home made scones (banana/brown sugar,
berry berry), tea sandwiches like chicken and green apples or cumin roasted 
carrots, sweets that defy description. The only thing more fun are the 
panties that proclaim “Off with his head” and “nibble.”

Mason Pearson bristle brushes

“I’m paying what for this?” Once the shock wears off and those real 
bristles start sweeping through your hair, stimulating your scalp, you’ll 
feel silly for ever scoffing. Splurge. It’s a once in a lifetime purchase—
and the sensation will more than carry.

Earthbound - Rodney Crowell

It won’t be out ‘til next year, but. the man who gave you the unflinching 
Houston Kid, a harrowing look at growing up rough in the worst part of a
tough town assesses life and makes a decision to walk towards the light. It’s 
still a struggle, he concedes, but it can be done. and anything that can

 inspire us mere mortals to get our wings can’t be all bad!
   “Still Learning How To Fly” alone is a reminder that it’s a process, not 
a destination. Just keep doing and trying, let the sad fall away, keep the 
sweet and one’s eye on the horizon. Simple on paper, it’s the application—
and these songs—that show it for the reality that it is; but also that 
it’s worth it.

Andy Warhol postage stamps

   Basically black and white, a bit oversized and dominated by that shock 
wig. this is pop art at its finest - to lick and stick and understand that 
iconography can be about presentation as much as the object. Campbell’s Soup Cans v. Marilyn, Liz, Liza or Diane Von Furtsenberg.

Fauchon Dark & Milk Chocolate Almonds

They come in a pink box! And if you’re really lucky, I hear they’re also 
packaged in a little pink purse box. But just getting to bite into—or
letting one of these chocolate covered morsels dissolve on your tongue
—is a trip into the subtle richness that is great chocolate. Not the waxy 
drugstore check-out line stuff here, depth and butter and a texture that will 
sweep you away.
   Barney’s and Bergdorf Goodmans and probably Neiman Marcus sell them. And there’s a freestanding Fauchon outpost in New York. An affordable guilty
pleasure that’s way too much, but way too much decadence. Do it once—and smile.

Baja Burrito - Thompson Lane, Berry Hill section of Nashville

Custom-rolled burritos made by real people. Pick your condiments—
cucumber’s odd at first, but cools and contrasts the freshly pickled 
jalapenos. Their tomatillo salsa’s insane—and the hot one is all about 
spice and pop! Clean food from people who love what they do in what looks 
like a Santa Miguel surf shack.

Lilly Pulitzer

The Coco Chanel of the pink and green set did her first turn on the 
catwalk at this year’s Fashion Week. She was the embodiment of class and
grace, but especially humanity. Maybe sea lions and jumbo flowers aren’t
everyone’s speed, but the carriage and humor Lilly brings to the world sure 
would serve us as a culture. to see the clothes for yourself


If someone had told me I’d be a human pin cushion, I’d've laughed. Me, 
the needlephobic, lying back and letting someone else do everything? With 
needles?! Yeah, buddy… Until I was fast asleep with pins protruding from my 
nose, hair line, feet, wrists, tummy and legs.
   And I’ve started sleeping like a big dog, breathing as if allergies were 
nonexistent—and finding a new kind of peace. Or else it’s all in my head. 
Either way, I’ll take it.


You could think of it as Ms. With a sense of humor, but that wouldn’t be 
fair—as this insurrecto start-up has content, is unflinching in its 
tackling awkward topics straightforwardly and isn’t afraid to have fun with 
any of it. It’s a quarterly—$14.97 domestic - that can be had from: 78 5th 
Avenue, NY, NY 10011-8000 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
   Fall is their Sex issues. So read it and weep: with laughter and 
   And their “What Would Joan Jett Do?” t-shirts rule.

Hollywood Pink Suede Slouch Stiletto Boots with Ribbon Bindings

Need I say more? Sexy, girly, hot and bothered. Wear them with anything 
—and less.

Diane Sawyer

  She’s got it all: class, beauty, brains and a journalistic sense second 
to none.
   If Truman Capote was right about socially graceful women being swans, the 
Sawyer is the alpha-issue. A reason to wake up and care about the news every single morning.

Campaign For A Landmine Free World

No one ever talks about what happens when the war’s over and everyone 
goes home. or the landmines that’re just below the surface, waiting to blow 
some innocent apart. But while we’re all hopped up on moral indignation at 
being wronged, the real morality play is this: the notion that we go home and 
leave open spaces spiked to kill or maim, knowing only children may play
there—or someone taking a shortcut home.

The Hudson Hotel

Inexpensive (for New York), tiny rooms in Sherwood Forest. The Cafeteria 
has mind-bendingly good short ribs. The bars are as varied as Sybil’s self. 
And on Monday, there’s belly dancing.

“Igby Goes Down”

The cast—Susan Sarandon as a controlling society wife on the fade, 
Jeff Goldblum as a dark Mr. Big, Claire Danes as the tough-spirited girl
trying to make her way and her heart, Amanda Peat as the kept girl on the 
slide, Ryan Phillipe as the boy whose privilege and duty can’t quite kill his 
heart and Kieran Culkin as the smart-ass child who sees it as it is amongst 
the delusionals and justifiers and could rise above it all—is insane. The 
tale seems frought with excess, though to those who’ve seen that world, it’s 
strangely accurate. Catcher In the Rye in a whole other dimension.

“Traveling Soldier” - Dixie Chicks (Home)

   Showing organic doesn’t mean anemic or wimpy, the Dixie Chicks transform two lost souls into a forged steel dedication. There’s big heartbreak over a folky bed, commentary on the personal cost of war and Natalie Maine’s buzz saw of a voice brought down to lullabye intimacy as she frees the waves of loneliness found, lost and regained.

Pink Taco Hoodies - the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas

Big thick plush sweat shirt material. A cocoon-like returning to the
womb. In a pale yellow-based pink with black gothic letters. Those on the 
inside track of prurience know what the slang is. those on the other side, 
think it’s some kind of WASPy Mexican outpost. Either way, you’re feeling 
warm and nurtured and slightly provocative.

Long Drives—

Okay, not the most environmentally sound way to spend time… but 
environmentally appreciating? Only hiking can touch it—and for those of 
you who can do all those miles! For the rest of us, load up the CDs, pack up 
the dog and roll.
   Not only do you have time to not DO anything, but you can take in the 
glory that is leaves turning, the sky being opened back up, the end of the 
most fertile season and a chance to survey the larger whole that is one’s 
home. Or someone else’s home.
   Nothing like the road—be it a two-lane or something bigger taking you 
to point b—to offer clarity and appreciation on a whole other scale. And 
for what Triple A costs, make the investment—it’s so much easier when what you don’t need is another roadside wrecker.

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