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March 2008

March 2008: Dashing Men, Fudgecicles, Puppy Chow’s Better Than Prozac, Simon Doonan & Warpaint

Leopard Print Bronzer Compact Deb Koepper Cosmetics

It is a streamlined gold compact, exuding old Hollywood glamour. But inside, the bronzing powder has been pressed in its multi-tones into a leopard print. Almost too perfectly kitschy to want to mix, the powder blends smooth and gives skin a healthy glow that says “sun-kissed,” something the Florida-based former White House aesthetician understands.

Paired with her equally classic blue-based lipstick - a slightly dewy matte shade - one is instantly transformed to an outdoorsy “LA Confidential” glamazon. Two products, 5 minutes. Takes up no room on one’s purse, can be applied at a vanity table or in one’s rearview mirror and is - for all purposes - fool proof in terms of application.

Letting People Help You

We live in a society where being self-reliant is everything… “God Bless The Child Who’s Got His Own” moaned Billie Holiday… but the lesson is learned with a definite sense of how-it-is and what-we-value. And so we bottle it up, push it down, tell ourselves we’ve got it handled… until…

Maybe it blows up in your face… or blows out your back… or sinks your sense of self. Who knows? But why not let all those amazing people you call your friends help you? Especially before whatever it is becomes critical, catastrophic or calamatious? Over the years, I’ve found lawyers, perfect dresses, new boyfriends and it has been my pleasure - truly - to be able to do something for the people who care so dearly for me. And I’ve had people change lights, haul furniture, hold my hand when I was scared and listen to me struggle with hurt.

Let people help you, y’all: you make your friends all the better for being able to make a difference!

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread Starbucks

Maybe the most addictive substance on the planet. Very moist banana bread, that has good density without being that wet brick that clings to your stomach walls, making you wish you could die. The banana taste not only permeates, but it is set off by the good quality chocolate chips that have none of the waxiness, but just a true bitter sweetness.

For breakfast, snack time, coffee, dessert. This is simple yummy available everywhere.

Puppy Chow Is Better Than Prozac, Bruce Goldstein

A man descends into the helter-skelter mood swings that mark serious manic depression. In that freefall, intense high zig zag, his therapist suggests a dog - along with a daily amount of the salt Lithium/ In true obsessive bipolar form, finding the dog becomes a quest. But in Bohemia, New York - in a hurricane, no less - Bruce Goldstein finds a black lab whose name is Ozzy, and the long slow road to healing begins.

Funny. Tragic. Warm. Ultimately human… canine… humane…. For in the truly unconditional love of an animal, Goldstein found the way to force himself through the immobilization of his disease - and climb back to the light. Anyone who’s been through house-training, high jinks and moments of separation from man’s best friend understands the emotional peaks that creates, just as they know there’s nothing quite like that face at the door when you come home. Cleverly written, anyone who likes a grown-up dog story will be transported for the time it takes to enjoy.

Immune Boost Emergen-C

Ruby grapefruit, lemon and honey,… The elixir of healing. Sore throats, head colds, common crud. Now the folks at Emergen-C have pumped-up the Echinacea and other healing herbs to give their macro-dose vitamin blasts even more germ killing, scum-sweeping power.

Year of the Earth Mouse Tibetan Calendar

Each year has a creature. This is the year of the humble, impossibly precious earth mouse. A tiny little bit of woodland fluff that is fanciful, barnyard-esque, completely present, yet almost unnoticeable. If the fauna defines the year - or the values that we might want to draw from it - this is a convergence of what we need more of, the ability to strip away façade and the reality of the simplest sense of being.

Supreme Head Products, Sally Herschberger

The woman who pioneered $800 for a haircut, gave Meg Ryan her signature shag and isn’t afraid to make tousled the realm of the well-turned, Sally Herschberger is a rock star amongst famous stylists. But being born in Kansas, the downtown NYC/Hollywood groundbreaker believes in making looking fraught with the right amount of flash an accessible proposition. And so Supreme Head has been created for the rest of us mere mortals.

At wildly affordable prices, her shampoos, conditioners and especially styling products can give regular people the edge in trying to create the freewheeling hair styles that typify her magic. In many drugstores nationwide, you can seek out retail outlets and get videotaped coaching on techniques at

Real Spring Rains Not torrential, not drizzly.

Decent sized drops, falling, splattering in a consistent shower that heads north like so many beaded curtains. To curl up and listen is to be wrapped in a blanket of thunking rat-a-tat-tat of soft landings, the splattering cushioning the drops that follow.

Even on the grayest days of a real spring rain, the world seems cleaner somehow. You walk outside in it, and you feel redeemed, clean, wet in a way that refreshes rather than soaks. A real spring rain suggests growing, reaching, healing - and there’s nothing like the feel, the sound, the way it falls from the sky and lands gently for seemingly hours at a time.

Coal Kathy Mattea

Stark and acoustic, the two-time CMA Female Vocalist of the Year harkens back to her West Virgina coal-miner’s-grand daughter roots to create a work that shines a light on the roots of her raising. With songs from legendary Appalachian songwriters Jean Ritchie, Hazel Dickens, Utah Phillips, Merle Travis, Billie Edd Wheeler and Darrel Scott, the woman who’s part of Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” lecture expansion team neither scolds nor broods as she holds up the cost in lives, the land and the ecologic balance of strip and mountain removal mining.

For the mulch’n’fecund soil alto, the fiddle upright bass and acoustic guitar sparsity suits that haunted and welcoming places in her voice: whether it’s the pained “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive,” the unflinching reality check of “Coal Tattoo” or the scorching a capella “Black Lung,” honoring Dickens’ brother while castigating the companies who don’t even provide health insurance. On “Blue Diamond Mine,” with Kentucky miner’s daughter Patty Loveless on haunted harmony, the stoic honor of the miners is juxtaposed with the inevitable mortality of their task. As a genuine article of roots music and living, Coal burns white hot, as the past giving Mattea a reason to sing, it’s compelling.“Fashion Reporter Insider Exclusive: Simon Says”

Simon Doonan, Elle April 08

If you’ve ever paused - smile or thought plastered across your being - outside Barneys NY, because the provocative windows have taken the need to merch the goods and transcended commerce to beg, cajole, conjure or flat tell you all kinds of things about life, love, politics, environmental balance and the sheer euphoria of being engaged, it’s because of style maven/societal alchemist Simon Doonan, who creates tableau worth deep consideration and serious appreciation. A New York Times best-selling author, he appears in this month’s Elle to tackle the tragic sleaze factor that prompts the sub-head: “how to say no to ho and yes to eccentric glamour.”

Obviously a raconteur of the highest order, Doonan eschews the botox, bleach’n’boob job chemistry of faux youth rampant among women of a certain age for a far more intelligent and creative approach to style. Embracing the Gypsy, the Socialite and the Existentialist. Revisiting the women who defined each look, exploring the variations on the themes, this is a particularly insightful look at cultural dynamics and women’s realities as manifested in sartorial expression - and an absolute invitation to flaunt one’s most exhilarating aspects.

Suite 2-2-5 Lake Worth, FL.

Outdoor dining that feels almost tropic jungle. Indoor dining that is cozy Florida tucked-away secret. A blend of sushi and Asian, the emphases is on simple, clean flavors. Even something as basic as teriyaki chicken is moist and soy-flavored with enough sweet to give the caramelized glaze balance. The large basket of steamed edamame comes sea-salted with plenty for the table.

A ranch house with sweeping tree branches, the humidity somehow enhances the patio tables - giving it that languid Southern feeling. Whether it’s an inventive hand roll, tuna sashimi or something stir-fried, healthy-dining is rendered flavorful without fuss - and Florida without the droves of tourists, loud New York snowbirds or pretentious foodies.

Warpaint, The Black Crowes

The band who channeled the best of the Ron Wood/Rod Stewart Faces gives more recoil to impossible reunions with their decidedly slow-groove return to rock & roll War Paint. The glittering piano rises, twisting electric guitar surges and B-3 clouds make “Josephine” is as strong a fraught ardor-stricken ballad as they’ve had since “She Talks To Angels.”

Swampy, bluesy, funky, fetid, this is the red dirt Georgia dust settling on the hippie rockers. Not quite as stinging as some of their early records, but nubile and exploring musical themes with a genuine tension. Bits of the Band, a louche Little Feat, gospel exhortations and mandolin touches that recall Gladrags & Handbags and Bruce Hornsby’s more pastoral moments, “Good Bye Daughters of the Revolution” undulates, while “Locust Street” is a crisp collection of pictures from a time and places and “Wounded Bird” slashes and thrashes in full trippy glory. If not vicious, the good groove is abundant and these guys, with the addition of North Mississippi All-Star Luther Dickinson as a guitar foil for Rich Robinson, adds the perfect push-pull dynamic.