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February 2004

February 2004: Ashes To Wednesday, Voices from The Past & Sugar Cane Candle Edition

Havana Candle—Tocca

The smell of rum and sugar cane. Clean in a sweet way. Instant islands 
without all the flowery stuff. All you need is the bamboo whatever (curtains, 
furniture, trays), some limes and a flower behind your ear. Warm in the way the sun near the Equator can be - and an olfactory cue of the best order.

Stella McCartney’s Wispiness

Chiffon in ways you’d never imagined. Cut to both reveal and enhance. 
Colors that’re like being melted and poured inside the most incredible Easter egg—merging both the sweetness of the “Bunny” and the majesty of the real reason for the celebration! Stella McCartney may be rock royalty, but she’s also bringing a deep-seated femininity to her clothes that transcends even the power of her lineage.

Lea’s Summit, Percy Warner Park Nashville

It’s not easy to find—it took a born-local to get me to the point—
but there, on a split railing, all of Nashville tumbled out before me. As the 
trees rolled out and the vastness spewed before it, you could see an entire 
city in its majesty and its hope and its history. It says, “I am bigger and 
smaller than you imagine, so caught up in taking each moment of your life for the 3 square feet around you.”
   Every town and city has one of those, find it. Get connected to both how 
big and how small the world you really is—and find a whole new grandeur and intimacy to how you walk through this place.

Down + Dirty Pictures: Miramax, Sundance & The Rise of Independent Film 
—Peter Biskind

The Weinstein Brothers brought the notion of “indie” (read: quality, not 
overt blockbuster) pictures into the mainstream—and they did it by playing 
the margins and upping the awareness. What started out as a good thing has spun off its access and become just as co-opted as everything it rebelled 
against. Biskind’s book looks at the dynamics, powerplays, erosion and reality of how it all went down.
Barbarians at the Gate for the celluloid set.

“Beware how you take away hope from another human being. “
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Doing artist development, this is the north star I steer by. The truth is 
required, the delivery sometimes MUST get through. But to take someone’s 
hope, faith, to sow a valley of doubt in the name of change may be just as deadly as leaving the self-defeating pattern in its wake. You can share without destroying dreams—and Oliver Wendell Holmes can give you the hipcheck necessary to let you do it.